In vivo microvascular endothelial cell pharmacology

Pharmacological efficacy of anti-cancer drugs


Contact: Ingrid Molema


In the EUROSTARS project we study the heterogenic make up of human tumors. Lack of clinical success of new anti-cancer and anti angiogenic drugs is partly due to the heterogenic makeup of tumors and their blood vessels, and partly due to the lack of knowledge regarding the molecular activation status of the different cell types in tumor tissues – human tumors are typically made up by tumor cells, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, and stromal cells including tumor endothelial cells.


To develop effective treatment strategies for cancer, we need to understand how these different cellular compartments in the tumor behave. For this purpose new, miniaturized technologies are being developed and validated in the EUROSTARS collaborative project between UMCG and the biotech companies Pamgene and GenXPro and Vivomicx.


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