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Ingrid Molema had made a special impression on two students during a lecture for high school students at the University of Groningen. During this lecture she told about the research she and her colleagues are doing in the UMC Groningen. This made a big impression on Marthe and Matthijs (two students of the Augustinus College in Groningen). When Ingrid mentioned that it is always possible to ask questions afterwards, the students took their chance. They both knew that they want to continue their education in the biomedical area and the chance to see what the life of a researcher is about was a chance they had never had before. In preparation of their request, Marthe and Matthijs did some literature research themselves and proposed a mini-research project to Ingrid for their high school graduation assignment. They proposed to study angiogenesis in cancer, and compare angiogenic profiles of two different tumor types. Ingrid reacted positively and invited them to do their mini-project in the research group Endothelial Biomedicine and Vascular Drug Targeting. Together with Henk Moorlag and Peter Zwiers the students worked in the lab of the Medical Biology section of UMCG. Henk told them everything about cutting tissue cryosections and immunohistochemistry to detect tumor blood vessels in the tissues.. They performed the staining with several endothelial and tumor markers. Lasermicrodissection (LMD) and quantitative Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) are the two techniques Peter taught them.



The young researchers experienced their days in the lab as very interesting. They now have a good impression about what working in the lab really is. They found it very impressive to see which techniques are being used for biomedical research. Both students will sign up for a (bio)medical University study after graduation. Marthe and Matthijs had a great experience and want to thank Ingrid, Peter and Henk very much for the opportunity given. In return, the EBVDT group would like to thank Marthe and Matthijs for their enthusiasm, great efforts to make the most out of their mini-internship, and their final research presentation (in English) during our weekly EBVDT group meeting.


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